Wool skirt, by Los Angeles Collective SS15.

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✎ Anonymous: Would you ever do nude modeling? What are your thoughts of it in general?

I am not really sure. I would most likely do something that was really fashion forward/artsy not full frontal, and not vulgar in anyway what so ever. I don’t really have thoughts on it. I do however have thoughts on anyone just shooting nude with anyone. It doesn’t make the photos special or unique. It makes the photos cliche and predictable.

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thekaiser1994: what inspired you to become a model

Hmmm, I don’t know if I was really inspired. But I have really enjoyed fashion since I was a little girl, so that made me appreciate it more. Also I always wanted to express a side of myself that I could not do in person. ^.^

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Loft life Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory



Shooting Ashley again next week.

By my buddy Ivan Trejo

Teaser for Bare Bones Body


"Broken Embraces" // Ashley Taddei - ashtaddei.tumblr.com


Ashley Taddei - ashtaddei.tumblr.com


Ashley Taddei - ashtaddei.tumblr.com

Wig time.

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